Exploring Kieu Cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam

The central province of Quang Binh, dubbed The Kingdom of Caves, has thrilled visitors with jaw-dropping caves such as Tu Lan and Ca Loi. The majestic beauty of the newly-opened Kieu Cave will also leave visitors in awe.

Hidden behind the stilt houses of the Bru-Van Kieu ethnic people in Coi Da village (Ngan Thuy commune, Le Thuy district), Kieu cave is impressive with its diverse and pristine stalactite system, a new experience point in the world, a journey to explore cave tourism in Quang Binh.

Far from the city center of Dong Hoi to Kieu cave is about 50km to the Southwest. To conquer Kieu Cave, visitors must go through Coi Da Village and then walk about 2km to reach the foot of An Bo Mountain. There are many small streams and stilt houses hidden in the valley that will appear on the way to Kieu Cave.

After reaching the entrance of Kieu cave, a vast world of stalactites with different shapes and structures will appear. During the journey to explore Kieu Cave, visitors will occasionally encounter some clear blue lakes, and each step in exploring Kieu Cave is a different, unrepeatable experience.

After about 4 hours of exploring Kieu Cave, the “Valley of Love” will captivate the discoverer. Here, camping activities or enjoying delicious dishes prepared by Coi Da villagers and tourism units will make you unforgettable.

It’s known that the tour to Kieu Cave is more difficult than Cha Loi Cave and is organized as a group tour or group tour of 01 day or 02 days and 01 night. The tour to conquer and explore Kieu Cave combined with the Valley of Love, Cha Loi Cave, Coi Da village, and trekking along Nuoc Lanh Valley is one of the attractive experiential activities, attracting tourists from all over.



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